Website Archived

Hi There - this website is archived for historical purposes and has been offline/not offering any services for a *very* long time. Thank you.

Welcome to Space Compute

We leverage innovation with interesting and inteligent solutions, in order to provide custom and reliable web hosting and web-services at competitive prices and great uptime. We pride ourselves by being Simple and Efficient. We provide corporate level services, without the corporate annoyances and run around. If you are looking to get something done, you have come to the right place.

Personal Users

Starting with things like basic shell access and simple websites to cgi (perl, python, ruby, php), databases, dns, mail, jabber, version control (git,svn), and many other services and tools. If we don't have it, and you need it -- we will work with you!

Small Business/Startup Users

Given everything provided to the "Personal Users", and in addition, we include things like VMs, extreme storage, and global redundancy, backups, vpns, custom VM labs, and out of band access. If you need something - we will custom build it for you. No challenge is impossible!

Looking for something custom?

Interested in a very unique/custom solution? Please contact us using the 'Contact' tab above. We will work with you to our best abilitly to meet your needs.